Things Left Unsaid

Hind Legs The view was that of Alec’s ass and had been for 2 hours now. Derek attempted to act annoyed, “All I can see is you ass, can you move?” “Sorry sorry, I’ll try,” Alec yelled back as they lurched to the side. “Fuck, never mind,” Derek shouted back. He had failed, he was … More Things Left Unsaid


It was almost too easy. Her parents left before they saw what she ate for breakfast and she was expected to eat lunch at school…no need to eat at all. What angered her was that during dinner she had to eat as her parents were there and she couldn’t lie. She said she was vegan … More Espe

The Revival

“Doctor…13 bodies are missing.” a worrisome voice whispered to me. “Missing from where?” I ask. “The Morgue; you know the one where we discard the tested bodies.” replies the voice, becoming increasingly strained. Immediately I tense. It couldn’t be? I made sure to properly discard the bodies. I made sure to make them immobile. I … More The Revival


I look back and try to remember, instead I’m met with a blank. A wisp of smoke drifting lazily in my head. Asking for something, yet receiving no response. It’s gone; that feeling, that memory. So fleeting. The memories slowly fade. As if soaked with bleach, the colors disappear. I’m left with a pure slate, … More Memories

You’ll See

One day, you’ll see, what you could’ve had, & what you lost. You may not realize it now, but you’ll see. You’ll look back at this moment with so much regret. You’ll see how good I was to you. How much I cared about you. Yet how badly you treated me. Ultimately, that’s why I … More You’ll See


Can I be your sunshine? Or at least the Earth that revolves around you. Will you tell me to come closer? Or shall I tell you? Next time you walk away from me, turn around & say you don’t want to go. I can be it, everything you want, to everything you need. I can … More Her


Sometimes to see the rights in life, you need to see the wrongs. I may sin, but it’s not limitless, & without a conscious. I try, like anyone else of course. For me the bad days outweigh the good ones. I may have had good days, but not enough to overcome the bad. However, sometimes, … More Treasure


Crisp, green grass, with morning dew resting its tired limbs. Flowers the colors of sunset, dance with the winds. Twirling till the colors blur together, like a ballerina spinning. Sky so blue, stippled with fluffy, white clouds that lazily amble by. Sweet smells flit around the morning air, quivering before making home upon my palate. … More Home